We provide in house permit processing to help you avoid the long lines and countless departments at city hall.

The permitting phase of any project can be complicated and the requirements vary substantially with each project and Authority Having Jurisdiction. Many project owners get stuck between the architect and contractor on the permitting phase but we can take control of the permits and put you at ease.

Today, there are so many different jurisdictions and authorities, it can be hard to obtain the correct project permits in a timely and costs effective manner. We know how to navigate the city, county, and state permit processes and we are eager to be your advocate at the permit counter.

Permits processing effectiveness is based on two main driving factors. First, the ability to correctly identify the proper channels and processing times and submit your plans in accordance with the project timeline. Second, the plans must adequately display the existing conditions and planned construction to meet local code. If the plans are not rigorously checked for details and code compliance this can delay your project up to several months when multiple plan revisions and corrections are required.


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