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At Buhler Commercial Construction, we believe our responsibilities extend far beyond construction sites. Our commitment to community engagement is a fundamental aspect of our identity. For us, giving back to the community is not just an obligation, it’s a privilege and a core part of who we are as a company.

We understand that strong communities are the foundation of a prosperous society, and as a leading construction firm, we are uniquely positioned to make a tangible difference. Our approach to corporate social responsibility goes beyond mere financial contributions, it involves active participation and genuine efforts to improve the quality of life in the communities where we work and live.


A Year-Round Commitment to Community Engagement

At Buhler Commercial Construction, our approach to community involvement is not defined by a single project or initiative but rather by a continuous commitment to various charitable activities throughout the year. Each of these endeavors reflects our dedication to making a positive impact in the communities where we work and live.

San Francisco fire fighters toy program San Francisco fire fighters toy program

Diverse Charitable Support

San Francisco Firefighters Toy Drive

Every year we participate in the San Francisco firefighters toy drive, an initiative that brings joy to children in need during the holiday season.

Back-to-School Backpack Drive

Recognizing the importance of education, we organize a backpack drive to support students as they prepare for the new school year, ensuring they have the necessary supplies to succeed.

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Engaging with Local Shelters & Non-Profits

Shelter Support and Volunteerism

Our team members volunteer at local shelters, directly contributing to the well-being of those in our community facing challenging circumstances. These experiences not only enrich the lives of the recipients but also those of our employees who participate.

Volunteer Days for Employees Volunteer Days for Employees

Promoting Employee Involvement

Volunteer Days for Employees

We encourage and facilitate employee volunteerism by providing a certain number of paid volunteer days each year. This policy enables our team members to contribute their time and skills to various community programs, fostering a culture of giving back and making a tangible difference.